Notes From The Sky

by Karma McCartney

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It’s a bit like magic: She’s a photographer and mixed media artist. She sings and plays ukulele. Discovering Karma McCartney’s music is much akin to finding a message in a bottle cast adrift in time and space.
The LA native’s debut album “Notes From the Sky” features twelve songs that call to mind thoughts including -- but not limited to -- kaleidoscopes, sailor shanties, moon and starlight, floating weightless in the ocean, pinwheels, and love. They intersect on the corners of pretty, heartfelt, otherworldly, and delightful, then keep moving, animated with a life of their own, never ending. McCartney’s band is made up of: bass player Josh Adachi (The Shade and The Fictions). banjoist David Greening (Molino and Old Toy Trains), pianist Nathan Van Hala (West Indian Girl and Eagle Winged Palace), drummer Dan Snellenbarger and guitarist Eric Harding (from Eagle-Winged Palace and The Prix). The album was produced by Stephen Schroeder (Paul Oakenfold, Adam Freeland, Deepsky, Uberzone).
-- Joe Fielder, Radio Free Silver Lake


released July 7, 2010



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Karma McCartney Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Kaleidoscope
i want to know what it's like
to live inside a kaleidoscope
and watch the colors melt with you

red to blue, to green to yellow
the colors mix and match together
while they make those pretty patterns

fragments of the sky ebb on
you and me and we glow brightly
floating by on colored clouds

stars fall from the sky
so we lift our hands to catch them

holding hands we'll both abandon distress
holding hands we'll both fly away
Track Name: I'll Be Yours
so, this is just an idea
i thought it would fly away
i thought it would go away

let's say you'll be mine
tomorrow i'll be yours
today i'll be over and play

when, i looked your way
all you had were smiles for
all you had were smiles for me

let's say you'll be mine
tomorrow i'll be yours
today i'll be over and play

then, remember all your dreams?
you looked so happy in
you looked so happy in them

let's say you'll be mine
tomorrow i'll be yours
today i'll be over and play
Track Name: El Cielo
oh si, oh si
el cielo es bien bonito

oh si, oh si
te quiro tanto
Track Name: My Secret
i'm secretly thinking of you
but you have no idea
when the clock will strike
and your world will crumble down
you'll be all alone just like you imagined

if i was a star
i would glow for you
i would reach depths
of your distant galaxy
hard for me to see
shrouds of flying debris

i can see the stars reflection in your eyes

if i was your moon
i would orbit you
twenty seven times
so you would see night
and the passing day
all lit up for you

wouldn't it be nice?
to float on the clouds
travel far away
so we'll be together
traveling by calisto
never coming back

i can see the stars reflection in your eyes
Track Name: If You Could
only if you could, only if could
rescue me from this place
not knowing what the outcome could be

only if you could, only if could
put me back in time
and make it all go away

can you take me back?
fire flies flew freely
and fires found freedom
Track Name: Moons Orbit
if you watch the two signs for a minute
you could see them beautifully adorned
against the background on the blue sky

let's watch the moon closely
notice it move thirteen degrees
to the east from the night before

i'll believe it's you lifting me up
raising me high, i can see
everything is lovely with you here

let's watch venus closely
never see the sun
all we'll see are clouds
deflecting light from us

we'll slide down the slide of love
float in the atmosphere so dense
i'll close my eyes and to count to three

let's see mars canali
climb olympus mons
collect permafrost from
the ground below